Kan Shing was established in Shenzhen City, China in 1996, and moved to Changan, Dongguan in 2000. Kan Shing is a manufacturing leader that specializing in decoration hardware with distinctive characteristics in the hardware industry. With a 20 year operational history and a strong competency, it has high reputation in the industry. Its hardware accessories cover a wide range of materials, and require very high techniques. It provides high quality and value-added decorative service for branding underwear, lady’s fashionable wear, children’s wear, swimwear, cosmetics and gift packaging.

Kan Shing has an international core design, its team is mainly in Japan and Europe countries. It aims to achieve high quality, short delivery period and low price by continually tailoring clients’ needs and exceeding their expectation.

Kan Shing has been adhering to improve the efficiency by doing the research and development together. By visiting client’s spot directly can reduce the communication channel and control the demand movement on time. It also prohibits any misunderstanding arised from multi-transmission.

Every year Kan Shing develops more than 1000 styles, and numbers of the new style jewelries available for sale is up to 100 million.Kan Shing keeps watching the demand trends in those leading jewelries and decorative industries, its products are all over the world, meeting the different needs of people in different culture, different areas and different hierarchy. Our cooperated clients including the world-class brands, such as Gucci, Guerlain, Adidas and San-x,Disney.

Kan Shing ,as your reliable friend ,from the beginning to end ,work hard to discovery and catch customer’s request, treat people with sincerely, always attention to the tiny details for production- manufacturing. Worth of been chosen!