Leading the race

With our approach "Research and Development"we respond to the latest market trends while continuing to offer suitable technical solutions.


Solving the global equation

Being as close as possible to our clients. Accompanying production programmes, reducing production time to the minimum, working in quality assurance, respecting the most complex specifications, and setting up logistic partnerships are all part of our daily challenges.


The client is precious

KANSHING Design team, in accordance with the design philosophy of be extremely good at manufacture, regard the honesty as foundation, be good at leading spareparts industry.

Assiduously seek,proof our strength with sales volume of 100million annually, go ahead steadily and surely, provide best product and service to every sincerity customer.

Our design team, with very good taste and reaction sensitivity, skill in capture the inspiration from exhibition. Linger on shopping mall for each metropolis, exchange the information with fashion research insitution, capture every tiny change for fashionaable element, work out best product for different season, different culture, different level.

Exqusite accessories, good in linking fashion, linking everyone, the most fashionable.